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Why is Good Friday celebrated?

Many people ask, Why is “Good Friday” called “good” when it was technically the day Jesus was brutally murdered on the cross? In fact, some even turn to Jesus’s crucifixion as an example to show that if God exists, he is surely the most cruel, unloving, and violent being out there to allow such a thing to happen!

Well, not necessarily! Here are some reasons Christians all across the world celebrate Good Friday and when seeing the reasons, we can know that Jesus’s death on the cross was perfectly orchestrated by God for the greater good.

1. It’s actually what Jesus wanted and wasn’t something that happened against his will.

When we think of anyone dying, we think surely they wouldn’t have wanted that to happen. Even people who may think of taking their own lives don’t desire to die a slow, painful, and brutal death. They want it to happen quick and painlessly. Although Jesus wanted a quick and painless death as well, we see that he knew that his death was necessary and had to come to pass. (Luke 22:42)

Yes, Jesus himself wanted the crucifixion to happen. His death on the cross wasn’t just carried out by evil or some kind of happenstance. Jesus predicted his death via crucifixion and wanted it to be carried out. (Matthew 16:21-27) But why you ask? Well, it’s because…

2. Jesus’s death on the cross allowed us to be free from the bondage of sin and death.

Because Jesus died in our place, we can live. It was because Jesus died on the cross that we, his creation, will not be inflicted by the wrath of God (Romans 6:23). Truth to be told, we deserve every bit of punishment from God because it was us, not Jesus, who hated God, disobeyed him, and lived a life full of sin. But because of Jesus’s love for his creation, he took the wrath that we deserved on the cross 2000 years ago.

3. Jesus’s death on the cross was the final victory over evil.

When Jesus breathed his last breath, he declared “It is finished.” The war with evil was over. Although we may still see evil happening right now in this world this very moment (shootings, rape, famine, hunger, debt, etc.) there will be a day when there will be no more pain, fear, and suffering (Revelations 21:4-5). Until that day comes when God finally sets things straight, our job is to love like Jesus did and represent Him in this world. When God deems the timing is right, he will eventually bring justice to this world.

But the story doesn’t end with Jesus’s death on the cross. If Jesus simply died on the cross and that was it, he would have been no different from any other man in history. But we are able to have confidence in Jesus as God because he not only died in the worst manner possible, but overcame death by coming back to life. That is why Good Friday and Easter is celebrated all across the world. We can know for certain that we have eternal life by believing in Jesus.

That is why “Good Friday” is indeed Good. Jesus died for us so that we might live forever in paradise with Him!

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